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The Art of Stacking

I am always trying new ways of stacking my own rings. 

Here are some of my favourite combinations. As you can see, I favour chunky over delicate, but basically anything goes. Just play around until you find a combination which is pleasing and comfortable for you.

This is actually my wedding ring /engagement stack which kind of evolved over time. My original wedding ring and engagement ring were gold, a metal I don't often wear so I had them remodelled into the first ring with the diamond. The diamond is from my original engagement ring, and the gold around it from my original wedding band. Luckily, I have a very understanding partner who didn't mind me changing my original rings!

This stack, not for the faint-hearted, consists of a huge amethyst set in a silver modernist setting from 1967. (We are nearly the same age! ;-) )This is paired with a lovely Brian Asquith silver band inherited from a dear aunt and a silver narrow band with gold bobbles which is an old favourite.

There are, of course lots of ring combinations in the shop and on the website which work really well together too. Especially if you like to make a statement! Here are a few suggestions for inspiration.

The silver cupcake rings look great combined, and are really affordable at £25 each. Here I've selected the red stone (dyed sillimanite) with the amethyst and the labradorite.

Here, I've combined the gorgeous Citrine Cup Ring with the Double Wave Silver Ring. The cup ring has a textured and oxidised cup and accents of 18 ct gold in the setting around the stone. The wave ring is also heavily textured with tiny gold circles. They compliment each other beautifully!

Finally, we have the Triple Circle Ring which is striking in its simplicity. It has a beautiful textured and satin finish and is really comfortable to wear!

Have fun with your stacking!


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