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Alternative Ear Adornment

I have always liked the idea of alternative ear adornment. Multiple ear piercing is huge at the moment, and there are now lots of earrings which can be worn alone or in multiples to create a layered, edgy, asymmetric look. 

Whilst I don't necessarily want to commit to multiple piercings, I do like the idea of a curated look which can easily be achieved with the new designs currently available.

The renewed interest in ear adornment has led to a revival of the ear cuff for which no piercing is required. It usually slots on to the upper outer part of the ear cartilage at the top of the ear. This part of the ear is known as the upper helix.

Ear cuffs have been worn by women since ancient times and were often used by different cultures to represent their styles, ranks, marital status or age and were viewed as an art form on the ear.

Ear climbers are earrings which do require a piercing, but which fix like a regular stud. However, they head up rather than down, hugging the curve of your ear.

I think it is the fact that cuffs and climbers can be worn in combination to create different looks which is so appealing.

The new Mangrove range, by local maker Deborah Beck is now available in the shop and online and offers a selection of sleek, contemporary and minimal ear adornment which can be mismatched to very pleasing effect!

Here we have the 'slice' style climber, which does thread through the ear lobe, so a piercing is required. However, the wire on the back of the ear climber runs parallel to the 'slice' on the front, to ensure it fits snugly against the ear. It looks great when combined as here, with the extra small double wrap ear cuff, which sits at the top of the ear, and the small double wrap ear cuff which sits in the middle, thicker area of the cartilage close to the ear lobe. This is known as the conch.

If you are after more of a statement piece, then the Mangrove Supra ear cuff is definitely for you!

This ear cuff does not require a piercing and is really comfortable to wear! The back of the supra cuff folds around behind the ear and can be gently moulded into place. It has been designed to fit the natural shape of your ear, and can be ordered for the left or the right ear.  I think one is sufficient to make an impact though! You could always combine it with another climber or small cuff in the other ear.

Hope this has given you some food for thought!  

Deborah's Mangrove range which includes more stunning ear wear as well as rings and bangles is now available online and in our little shop on the hill.

See you soon!

Kerry x



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