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The Statement Earring.

This season is all about the statement earring, be it over sized or mismatched. You can definitely add some real drama to your look and totally transform an otherwise ordinary outfit with some stand out ear furniture.

We have a great selection in the shop at the moment and I have just added several pairs to the website, so go and check them out!

If you are after a real pop of colour but don't want anything too heavy, the earrings made from mixed media paintings and coated in resin are perfect! They are made by Dee Barnes and are all one off and totally unique.


They are extremely lightweight and very easy to wear, and I have two collections to choose from,aqua and blue and gold and pink.



Equally as gorgeous, but very different style wise are the earrings by Silvia Piva from Barcelona. They are more delicate, with the statement often being made by the stone combinations she uses.





Finally, I love these earrings which have just arrived from Ghost and Bonesetter in Belfast which make a statement with their dark oxidised silver finish accentuated with texture and gold detail.


There are lots more in the shop to whet the appetite, but if you can't make it I've just updated the website!

See you soon!


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